In today’s connected and age of exaggeration that we live in, a very important question that we need to ask has a society is how many scalps are required to satisfy our seemingly insatiable desire to settle scores or seek revenge? Why is there a burning desire to go to DEFCON One for all issues no matter how small or large. The penalty demanded most oftentimes is out of proportion to the alleged crime. There is a manipulation of grief at play where real people’s livelihoods are affected and careers and families ruined.

We have to get to a better place where forgiveness and improvements are given and made without a lynch mob mentality swarming on all issues all the time. It’s almost akin to our own denuclearization program for civil discourse. We all need to realize that you may be with the mob today but the mob can turn on you tomorrow. Is that the world we want to live in?

To date, individual action has failed to correct this and the social media platform providers seem at a loss how to correct. The haters via social media have a platform now to use like never before and they are not letting the opportunity pass them by. Honest debate and voicing of opinions without vilification seems not possible.

My thought of the week is instead of peddling in hate we seek and support a proliferation of hope. It is no longer good enough for society to sit on the sidelines and watch road kill after road kill happen by the nano second in front of us. Expressing ourselves positively, encouraging others and voicing hope should be the goal and not scalping. Let’s see if we can make this happen. Celebrate it’s okay to be different and see the world differently. It’s okay to be less than perfect and not have to conform to every social cause without being an utterly evil person.

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