In the new social media enabled world we live in it gets easier by the day for rage to surface and spiral out of control with a lunch mob mentality driving the narrative. The scarier thought is that it could be any issue at anytime that is taken up that allegedly offends someone somewhere.

In business it is imperative that this type of mob mentality does not breed and pull down an organization. Today, every organization needs to have given thought to how they can protect their good name. As the quote goes, it takes thirty years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Don’t allow a false narrative to cause you harm.

From my perspective, communication is key and coddling should not be on the menu. If coddling does play a role know that you most likely will eventually find yourself being served up as well.

In the workplace it is critical that we all play by the rules and the #1 rule should be ; get the facts. Oftentimes a surge of emotion on a issue spreads like wildfire but the issue does not square with the facts.

Moving forward make it unacceptable for anyone to be judge, jury and executioner. We owe it to ourselves and our company to be candid, to be transparent and to provide a no rage spiral environment. Think about this the next time you encounter a story and pause and think about how you react? It is easy to hit the retweet button and join the mob but in this instance leadership is required. Now more than ever we need cool heads that can diffuse situations without emboldening or simply dismissing concerns.

Make sure that you lead the way and that your organization does. It become a Petri dish for a rage spiral to flourish. Instead use the latest technology platforms to celebrate your companies and the employees successes. Change the narrative to find the good people do and you will be in a much more productive place.


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