We all like to think we recognize success and appreciate true leadership when we see it. We have witnessed leaders create a movement, set passions afire and create a winning culture delivering unprecedented results. Conversely, we have seen companies with competent leaders with perceived credentials at the helm who barely maintain an organizational heartbeat. The critical question is what separates the two?

From my perspective the difference is the vision, courage, passion, authenticity and genuineness that the leader can package together to mobilize the team. It not about how smart you are, it’s about how firmly you inspire others to galvanize around critical beliefs to drive and ultimately own the agenda. Remember, before you can do anything you have to first believe you can.

So regardless if you are the leader of the movement or part of it make sure that you don’t fall short of developing the competencies to help drive a winning movement. It does not hurt to be relentlessly driven as well.

You will be challenged many times along the path. Never allow your resolve to achieve your vision to weaken before the finish line. Good luck on your personal journey.


*Originally posted on LinkedIn

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