As a dear friend of mine used to state when talking about achieving something that there are many ways to downtown, to get the job done. The same can be said of success.

Rarely is the line to success straight. My suggestions would be not to expect success to simply appear or that a year of hard work should be rewarded with a lifetime of success. My tips for success would be the following:

1- don’t expect an easy path to success. Your journey will take many turns. Embrace the challenges along the way whole heartedly and keep positive

2- there will be bumps along the road, accept them, learn from them and you will be more likely to succeed

3- work hard and focus on doing the job you have now to the best of your ability. The future will take care of itself

4- obsess on continuous personal learning and you will be a top candidate for future success

5- help others and your kindness will be repaid many times over


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