As business leaders we are constantly bombarded with demands. Demands for our time, energy, focus and commitment.

My thought of the week is how best to deal with these pressures? First,recognize that it is unsustainable to allow yourself to simply react. If you react, you are allowing yourself to whipsawed and live in the “crisis of the endless moment”. Ultimately, you get sloppy and make bad decisions. Instead of allowing yourself to react rather allow yourself to respond.

To respond, you need to have allowed yourself the breathing room to think about the situation fully, to think through the problems, to develop a series of possible appropriate solutions and then to think some more. Think, being the operative word.

Allowing yourself to think then respond rather than react also lessens the opportunity for emotion, ego or sheer anger to shape your response. It is your superpower and to delay a reaction should be seen as a strength and not a sign of weakness.

So next time you are being bombarded, think about what do you need to do to best respond?

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