We have all made mistakes. Speaking for myself, at times in the past even when I was woefully wrong I have been known to be in denial and thought off reality to own up. At other times I have shrugged the mishap away by stating that it was out of concern for doing the right thing.looking back this was definitely an growth opportunity area. Both excuses are really no excuse.

I would have been better to have just genuinely owned whatever the “it” was and offered a heart felt apology.

Moving forward make sure that you are big enough to immediately own your wrongs and move on accepting responsibility and say you are sorry. A few small words but ones that can have enormous impact. Don’t let pride or ego get in the way. There are no do overs in life but the most important lesson is that you learn from your experiences and evolve. If you do this then you can modify future behavior and be a better future you. After all, the goal is that we continuously improve.


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