Many times recently on very important issues I have heard the words that this is settled law.

Think of your own business and how many elements are also seen as settled law or untouchable?

My thought of the week is that we should challenge all aspects of the business. We should be consistently challenging each assumption and getting data to see if the environment has changed and our original assessment no longer holds. From my perspective we have to dream big and when you do so those things that have held you back are self imposed.

Don’t allow settled law to dictate your future. Just a few centuries ago it was settled law that the world was flat and in business as recently in the early 1900’s the office of Patent Protection was going to close down. Why? Because all things that could be innovated, had. These are powerful reminders to not allow settled law to fuel our future. The best thing was can all do is dream big, challenge everything and ourselves.


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