How many times in your career have you found yourself sleepwalking on the job? It could also be termed as being on auto pilot, phoning it in, giving the old college try or simply just getting on to get on.   Sleepwalking takes the passion out of what you do.  Passion and focus is what enhances our results.

However, you want to phrase it, sleepwalking at work is not only dangerous for your career but could possibly be a detriment to your everyday life.  If you sleepwalk at work you are likely to allow this mentality to spill over into your personal life, compounding the problem.

My thought of the week is to eliminate sleepwalking. To do this you need purpose and see the things you do as important. Take a moment and reflect if you are operating with full awareness and that your auto pilot is disengaged?  Review your goals.  Make sure you have them, track them and update them periodically. Assess your workload and make sure that you are allocating time to making the important things happen. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed in the small stuff. Don’t let sleepwalking flourish. Take control and banish sleepwalking. Your team and company will appreciate you for it.



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