This time of the year it is a great practice to declutter your life and do some spring cleaning. Most of time we think about spring cleaning our homes. However, one of the most important things that we can spring clean is our minds. The amount of irrelevant information we store for replay is staggering.

The big three items for mind spring cleaning from my perspective are ;

1- discard mistakes; it is pointless to playback past mistakes. It keeps you anchored in the past and paralyses positive growth. Learn from them and move on.

2- toss old grudges; as the saying goes with revenge we should dig two graves – for you and them. Forgive but never forget.

3- let go on to what could have been; the past is history and whatever you are holding on to did not materialize for whatever reason. Focus on the future and what can be.

Good luck with your mind spring cleaning and here’s to better and more focused times ahead. And remember sweep hard for best results.


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