More often than not it seems that we are constantly in defense mode fighting battles and dealing with the upheaval that comes with it. Some of the battles are big, others small. Some people relish battles but the majority less so. After all, many battles consume time and all in some way drain energy. We have all seen and recognize that look of anguish on the face of a friend, colleague or family member going through their own personal battle.

When embroiled in your personal battle it is critical to remember that you are not alone. That this too will pass. When things get too much always take a breath. Count to ten and fight hard to not lash out. Compounding your moment in the barrel with other later regrets of not handling the current battle well only serves to prolong your time under siege.

If you are fortunate enough to not have any current battles don’t judge others who may be going through their own personal war. Have a little empathy and take this as an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding.

In essence use these moments as a way to make those around you better. Now that’s a great way to staying positive while fighting battles.


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