The headline is a great mantra to work and live by, it provides a consistent standard to hold others and ourself to and is absolutely a way to provide transparency.

How many times have we heard that sunshine is the best disinfectant? The questioner is always asking that of others. However, my thought of the week is that every person and company should first shine light on their practices before focusing our attention elsewhere. Don’t judge others until you have judged yourself. If we are being truthful, we all have a lot of work to do.

Just stop for a moment. We spend so much of our time judging, questioning ridiculing, often attacking and sometimes demeaning others motives. Illuminating others missteps has become a blood sport. From my perspective, we would be better served to spend time on actually evaluating and taking corrective action on the most important thing in our own life’s; ourselves.

It would be awesome to see a focus on self improvement and being positive to others rather than simply exposing the many faults of others. Expose ourselves to sunlight and grow from the experience. Disinfect our own home first before applying self righteous standards that we do not meet ourselves on others.

Let’s take a time out from hatred and show a little love. Start with yourselves and than spread wide. I hope we get to spread far.


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