Leadership is all about figuring out and delivering on the art of the possible. True leadership is about getting positive things done and mobilizing those around you to achieve impactful outcomes. Part of the the art of the possible is to have conviction to your beliefs so you can with confidence to know what to say no to, to pivot from or to kill entirely if the benefits do not justify the investment in both capital and talent.

Leadership is about being bold. For sure having courage, surrounding yourself with great talent and then in my humble opinion getting out of the way to let this talent get things done once the strategy is set. Another critical component is to be able to shake off failures and realize that a setback does not define you but actually enhances you.

Moving forward make sure that you have done your homework. That you understand the market and armed with this knowledge that you can help shape where it is going. With these insights you can hire, train the team in confidence and deliver on the art of the possible.


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