In business and life we are confronted with many challenges. Some we successfully navigate and others we fail in handling appropriately. The goal is to win more than you lose. Each opportunity is a learning and evolving opportunity.

However, there has been a dangerous emergence, as of late, of gotcha peddlers.

You probably know these creatures as finger pointers, shamers, blame artists or saboteurs who operate a negative sum game where eventually everyone losses. There is no room for people to be allowed to wantonly operate behind others backs often times with the only purpose to not just pull people down but to end careers. These actions should never be rewarded. In business as leaders we need to emphatically put a stop to these unsavory gotcha peddling practices.

Gotcha peddlers should be put out of business in business. Reward those who perform, inspire, develop, mentor, lead, do extra, selflessly give and not those who needlessly add drama, undermine, cast negativity and rejoice in causing others harm.

Take a look at how you are handling your internal policies and take a hard stand in rewarding the good and not bad behaviors of others. That’s true leadership and we need it more than ever right now.



*original posting on LinkedIn

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