At times we think we are invincible. We think we can take on the world and that if we just work harder, sleep less and drink more caffeine or worse we can simply push through and make things happen. Our guiding thought is that we can make things better.

My thought of the week is that we must recognize that things always catch up to you. I remember my grandmother telling me sternly that you can not burn both ends of the candle. I used to think she was just old; now I know she was just wise. The reality is you can only cut so many corners for so long before you make mistakes or worse allow your judgement to be impaired and really screw up. It is vital that you strive to balance your workload with your ability to function effectively. Make sure that you are not operating over your own red line and that you realize that nothing is important enough for you to lose focus and balance in your life. Your co workers, family and most importantly, you will thank you for it.


* original posting on LinkedIn

Typos are courtesy of my smartphone…

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