Things get difficult and they always seem to when least expected. When these events happen the words you want to hear from your team and those that rally around you in your time of need are “trust me, I got this” and not the words “ I’ll try my best but if the heat gets too much I’m out of here”.

Even more crucial is that these words are not merely rhetorical. That these words turn in to a declaration of trust and commitment to stand by you through thick and thin, fire, winter storms and all other turbulence imagined.

Make sure that you can never be accused of using rhetoric over results and fleeing when inconvenient. It is axiomatically true that “abandonment” is never one wants to have on their virtual resume. Instead, make sure that when your team, family or friends are in need that you stand tall and committed. That they are comforted knowing that your words never ring hollow.

Take a moment and reflect that when you proclaim the words “trust me, I got this” that you can always be counted on to deliver. That will be a great lasting testament of your character and trait that will see others wanting to work with you and for you.



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