We all need to learn to turn the volume down. I’m not talking about the TV. I’m talking about turning down the volume in our most important device; our head.

In today’s world we are inundated with information, bombarded with requests, pressing issues to resolve and then we have the mundane to deal with. There is constant incoming. At times it is overwhelming.

My thought of the week is that we have to learn to turn our own volume down. We need to calm our thoughts and focus on what really matters. There will always be more to do and take care of. That’s what leadership is about. Even though we signed up for the role and the responsibility that comes with it we must also realize that if we view everything as important then nothing is truly important.

I have found that carving out personal time every day even if it is 30 minutes really helps. Take that time and meditate, breath, go for a walk or simply have a quiet moment. The calming of your own head could be one of your biggest differentiators.


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