Today, as we celebrate the life of MLK this is a very timely reminder on how we should aspire to live our lives.
Over the last few decades there has been significant work done to eradicate domestic violence and protect the innocent, and vulnerable. However, recently we now have to protect those who simply have a different point of view. We have seen a political party engage under the premise that it is okay to get in peoples faces and follow them into restaurants and their place of work. That if they go low, we kick them.  Some of the worlds largest tech companies’ employees are going in to full meltdown when a fellow employee exercises their rights to support a colleague. Clearly we should celebrate our right to protest but this must always be done civilly. The vitriol being spewed out and violent actions taken are not just wholly unnecessary it is eroding our values and rewarding bad behavior.
My thought of the week is that as business leaders we should be setting the example for others to follow and demonstrate through positive actions and civil discourse how to promote and create meaningful change. We most certainly should not be pandering to childlike temper tantrums. There is no place for violence in the work life and in our lives in general. If violence is used then there should be immediate punishment for the crimes and make no mistake, they are crimes. We need to allow all people to voice their opinions in a safe environment and insist on civility. Let’s rally around this point and stop the few from making havoc for the many.


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