Right now in life and business we are all tragically one slip away from our total destruction.

One misplaced word or action and you can find yourself electronically decapitated, your life in ruins and your career in tatters. An apology is seemingly unacceptable and always ridiculed. It does not matter how sincere the apology or how minor the offense. A full blown attack is the only sanctioned action. We are living in a zero tolerant age where it seems everyone wants to play judge and jury. I hope this terrifies you as much as it does me.

My thought of the week is that the best way to pull back from the one slip away world is for everyone to practice self reflection. To first change ourselves and judge ourselves as harshly as we seek to judge others. Self examination is the only practice that could possibly save us from continuing on this destructive path. If we have to first walk the talk then maybe we would live in a more tolerant, forgiving and welcoming world where we do not live one step away from destruction. Let’s demand this the next time an offender is targeted.


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