In the past it was a select few that had the means and capability to use a megaphone to get a message out. The mainstream media acted as gatekeepers and could frustratingly block or vocalize the stories that they thought were relevant.

Today, with social media we are the first generation that live in a world with access to their own personal megaphone. At the click of a button we the people now have the ability to get our message out. There really is no filter and that is a double edged sword.

First, new news really has not been through any authentication filter. Sources often times as not checked and misinformation is able to now reach billions in seconds.

We are now live in a world where any message can build and mushroom out of control and do real harm through personal vendettas, malicious practices and bullying tactics to shame right or wrong if your view differs from others.

My recommendation is that you use your personal megaphone to be a force for good or to put the spotlight on people who are doing good. Now that’s a great way to see our collective megaphone doing good.

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