In today’s ever increasing toxic environment it is easier than ever to fall in to the trap of vocalizing what you are against and oftentimes who you are against. Pick up any paper, read any news article, or look at any social media feed and the issues are center stage. We live firmly in an era of blame and open hatred where Issues are approached more irresponsibly than ever. The ability to jump on the bandwagon is easier than ever. Our thinking gets rushed and shaped by others. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a lie spreads around the world twice while the truth is still having breakfast.

However, my thought of the week is to alter our thinking and instead of voicing what we are against and being a bandwagon chaser, articulate and communicate what we are for. Layout a clear plan on what you stand for, what your company stands for and win by going positive.

Let the fear mongers wage war on what is wrong. I firmly believe that the winners will be those that communicate fairly and then work to create a more positive future.


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