This week I read an above the fold, front page article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette with increasing frustration. Senator Elizabeth Warren among other senators demanding that the CEO of Wells Fargo step down.

The point of this note is not to question the veracity of the claim or the slant of the actual reporter but more to ask, in my opinion, a much more important and fundamental question. Why are we listening to senators rile on about how they are fixing things?

The reality is that the only thing I feel comfortable with our politicians, in general to do is run up a bill, to be incomponent in the process and blame others for everything. This is reflected in the country’s turnout to vote being under fifty percent since the 1970’s. One in two people don’t vote and from my perspective a lack of confidence or apathy in our leaders is driving this.

We need to get back to basics. The fundamental purpose of government is to keep us safe. Second, provide rule to allow us to prosper and third provide infrastructure to make the country work and finally to be a safety net for those at risk. How about they concentrate on that and focus their attention on that instead of
grandstanding and political pandering.

We have significant issues to resolve and we need real, authentic and honest leadership. Just take health care. Everybody knows our challenge with the Affordable Care Act [ACA] but this is simply a symptom and not the cause of the healthcare crisis. [by the way, our politicians do not feel any pain with ACA because they are exempt from the program. So what they put in to the law of the land does not impact them]. Take one example, as a country we spend approximately $12 BN on our children’s school meal program and serve over 5 BN meals annually. However, we spend over $126 BN a year to treat child obesity and diabetes alone. Clearly what we are feeding our children as their primary meals is failing. Maybe we spend a little more on the right meals program and we would significantly reduce the cost of solving it later on. French fries and pizza are not a vegetable. We need to get real and deal with this. We took soda out of our schools and now slowly they are returning. Who is working on this issue? Who is focused on education and truly solving poverty by checking jobs, education and opportunity and not simply putting more people on to long term welfare support. We need to focus and what is truly important and solve hard problems and not allow our politicians to gravitate to pure spotlight moments where they pretend to do something.

Maybe if our politicians focused on solving critical problems their approval ratings would be something other than laughable. Our country would be much better off. We also need to become more vocal and insist on positive change. Get involved and make your vote count now and always.


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