Previously, the traits I have laid out that an effective leader and well rounded person must possess are social responsibility and adaptability. The third essential element to add is authenticity. Authenticity is much more encompassing than being real but how you act, represent yourself, position your thoughts and how you actually get things done.

From my perspective, authenticity is a quality that is first recognized then developed. What is standing in the way of authenticity,? You can ask yourself if you become more conscious of your behavior how much more authentic can I become?

Limited beliefs, lack of self examination and self assessment stand in the way. People who are authentic do not cease to be accountable but have to find a way to continually evolve. The clues will always be there. You have to ask yourself when you do see them do you have the stamina and courage to execute being your authentic self? It’s not easy but the more you build this skill the easier it becomes and the more natural it is and becomes part of you.

We have all witnessed people saying the right things but no one believing it. Conversely we have witnessed genuine people baring their soul and totally being believed. I call that the authenticity factor. Being Authentic can not be staged or manipulated. It has to come across as real because it is real. Are you real? Do you connect on a unique but natural level?

The biggest part of being authentic from my vantage point is that you have to keep your ego in check. How can you be real and aloof at the same time? Nothing should be too small or too large for you to do. I have always found that as the leader you have to serve others and not the other way around. As the quote goes ” if serving others is below you, leading is way beyond you”. Therefore part of being authentic is that you help with solutions and not prescribe edicts. That you challenge others to find solutions not “gift” them out. By doing this you are seen as caring and real. How could you not be seen for what you are; authentic.
If you are authentic you also approach every task as it is meaningful and find ways to do your best work. You can not be fake. How you sell your ideas, ask for help and conduct yourself and your business should be done in a manner that is real, genuine and embodies authenticity.

In my opinion being authentic also means that you acknowledge that you do not have all the answers and that you are willing to learn and be unafraid to ask for help from others. By opening yourself up and appearing vulnerable It truly helps humanize and personalize a person and also makes you more real, approachable and authentic.

Authenticity demands personal excellence, sometimes overcoming addiction or crippling habits and striving to make life a little bit better for those who are around us or come near us.

When we have the courage to ask ourselves how we are not being ourselves we can begin to let go of the masks we thought we had to wear or the stories we felt we needed to tell in order to be accepted or admired. Be confident and real in your own skin and your authenticity factor will ascend.

As always, thanks for “listening” and please feel free to reach out to me directly at or call me direct on 203-524-7011.


* 1st published on LinkedIn

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